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Amazon and Ebay Resale Business with a Proven Sales track record-Will Sale Both or Individually


Amazon and Ebay Resale Business with a Proven Sales track record-Will Sale Both or Individually

 Hot Listings/Growth Rate 150%

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Orange County, CA| Businesses for Sale/Business for Sale $799k or Best Offer-Will Sale Individually


Asking Price: 

$799,000 or best offer

Gross Revenue:


Cash Flow:





Up to $500,000 in manifested retail value for both business or Up to $250,000 for one business in inventory



Real Estate:


 Business Description

Serious Growth Potential! With already a phenomenal growth rate in just 3 years on Amazon and 17 years on EBay, these businesses were started and are currently being run by 2 full time people.  We launched the Amazon business from our home and sold over 100,000 units with over $700,000 worth of merchandise on Amazon in the past 3 years.  On EBay we have sold almost a $1,000,000 since opened.  We will sale both businesses for $799,000 or each business for $399,000 or Best Offer.  We built multiple brands by selling various private-label consumer products on Amazon and EBay. These businesses can be operated in separate locations (different states) so that both businesses are completely virtual, can be ran from anywhere, and no space is needed for inventory as it is all shipped directly from Amazon's facilities.  You are buying the established name,brand, and company inventory worth up to $500,000 or you may elect to pay half the price for either the Amazon or EBay Business.  These businesses can easily produce triple the income with its established inventory of over 10,000 listings on each sites with plenty of room for expansion.  On this Amazon business you have unlimited listing and revenue.  On the Ebay Business you can list up to 11,000 items and have earning potential of upward of $250,000 a month.  Revenues are generated through sales on the Amazon and EBay selling platforms.  Traffic for the stores comes from organic searches on the Amazon and EBay Websites.  We are including the in sale Amazon’s and EBay’s seller’s account and the company’s current manifested inventory valued up to $500,000.  We are only selling the businesses because of my partner’s declining health (cancer).  We can be retained for up to 60 days to maintain and increase your sales revenue.  We will assist in the transfer of business name, obtaining your tax ID, and transferring the business on Amazon from our name to yours.

About the Business:

The worldwide expansion of the Internet has transformed trade in the several years by introducing hundreds of thousands consumers and businesses to the perks of E-commerce. We recent statistics showing that over 40 percent of internet users have made purchases online!  It has been determined that there are over 1 billion online buyers, and these numbers are projected to grow significantly in next few years. These trends have opened the door to many new e-commerce businesses that specialize in online sales. Amazon is the leader of worldwide e-commerce platforms, selling an average of 35 items per second. Therefore, it’s a logical choice for many internet-based businesses to use the resources of Amazon to achieve success. 

Buying an Amazon and/or EBay business can give entrepreneurs instant exposure to hundreds of millions of customers on a world-class platform with a trusted reputation. Amazon businesses enjoy many other perks, such as access to one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, advertising options and access to payment solutions that streamline the buying process. In addition, many Amazon and EBay businesses are home-based business opportunities, offering owners a flexible work schedule. Amazon handles many of the time-consuming details of owning a business, allowing business owners the opportunity to focus on growth. Businesses of all sizes benefit from being backed by the power of Amazon and Ebay. Finding an Amazon and Ebay business for sale couldn’t be easier.


Year Established:

2014 (Amazon) and 2002 (EBay)

Number of Employees:







Please contact the listing agent David Crawn at 951 eight zero one 8eightzeroeight or email at daviedog2144 (a gmail account) for more detail.  We reserve the right to refrain giving out the Business name to avoid competition interference until completion of sale.  We will however, provide our 1099’s to verify income.   WILL ENTERTAIN SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY, NO RUSH TO SALE THE BUSINESS.


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